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Water jet steel cutting

Urakort is a business line of the Lekun Group specialized in water jet cutting. This technique offers a cleaner cut than lasers, and the incision can be made in any material: steel, titanium, rock or polyurethane elastomers.

Abrasive and non-abrasive waterjet cutting

We perform abrasive water jet cutting for more compact and resistant materials such as steel and other metals. With other materials, such as polyurethane elastomers and rubbers, we perform waterjet cutting without added components. With this technique, the pressure exerted is sufficient to section non-metallic materials.

We use this type of cutting to shape any material. We are experts in the processing and handling of multiple materials, so we are specialized in handling all types of rubbers.

Water jet metal cutting

With our waterjet cutting machine we can perform high precision cuts on all types of metals. To work steel, titanium and other metals we work with abrasive water jet cutting, which adds greater penetration power to the cut.

We perform metal cutting by water jet for the industrial and automotive sectors and all those who need high precision cuts in compact metals. This is an ideal technique for prototyping. Its precision and versatility in any material make it a perfect method to achieve the desired results in all types of parts.

Through this technique, surfaces of any material can be cut to any shape. With this system we produce copper washers, aluminum washers or brass washers, among many other series of products.

It should be noted that, although waterjet metal cutting can cut metals of any type without any problem, it can also work just as effectively on other types of materials. For example, Teflon is one of the most versatile and resistant plastics available. With water jet cutting we can work this material without the slightest inconvenience, producing a Teflon gasket identical to the hundreds of others that we can produce in series.

In-house water jet cutting machine

At Urakort we have our own selection of waterjet cutting machines to carry out any type of project in all possible materials. We offer a complete service, providing technical advice and design to help you obtain the desired product.

In Lekun Group we are specialists in the preparation of polyurethane elastomers. Urakort, as a business line of the Lekun Group specialized in waterjet cutting, we can get the necessary materials to carry out your project idea. We have a wide range of technical rubbers and plastics, and can also order other materials such as metals from reliable suppliers.

We also offer complementary post-cutting assistance, such as machining of parts, plastic boilermaking or zinc plating. Get the most complete waterjet cutting and industrial boilermaking service from professionals in the sector.

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