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Custom rubber parts

At Lekun Caucho we are experts in the manufacture of rubber parts. We design and manufacture gasket rubber, rubber stoppers and custom rubber parts of any shape or strength to meet our customers’ needs.

Types of rubber we work with

At Lekun Caucho we are specialists in the production of different types of rubber. We have a wide variety of materials to adapt to the needs of each project.

Natural rubber

Natural rubber is traditionally extracted from plant sap, usually from the Hevea tree. In these processes, the sap is extracted from the tree, known as latex, and from the material we prepare natural rubber.

SBR rubber

Known as SBR Rubber or styrene butadiene rubber, it is a synthetic version of natural rubber, with very similar properties but with better resistance to temperature and weathering.

Ethylene propylene rubber

EPDM rubber is an improved version of ethylene propylene rubber, with a similar composition but improved vulcanization capabilities. As a result, EPDM membrane is especially useful for the manufacture of vulcanized rubber gaskets. With the EPDM membrane, all the advantages of vulcanization can be exploited with the natural strength of rubber. If you need a material resistant to high temperature and aging, EPDM membrane can be your solution.

Rubber metal

We call rubber metal to a preparation that mixes elements of rubber and metal, favoring flexibility and resistance. Rubber metal mounts are especially useful as anti-vibration rubber because of their particular properties.

Nitrile rubber

Nitrile rubber or NBR rubber is a type of synthetic rubber that is particularly resistant to oils and has good mechanical properties.

VMQ Silicone

VMQ silicone has very good resistance to inorganic chemicals. One thing to differentiate VMQ silicone is its molecular composition, as rubber contains a large amount of carbon and silicone is composed of silicon and oxygen.

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