Special manufacture according to your needs. Short series at the highest level

At Lekun Caucho we are experts in rubber parts. For more than 20 years we have been dedicated to the manufacture of rubber and rubber metal parts on a small and medium scale.

We can manufacture all types of parts with our means from drawings or samples.

Means and processes:

  • 12 column presses
  • 3 cutting machines
  • Area for surface treatment (sandblasting)
  • Adhesive application area (rubber metal)
  • Transfer molding manufacturing

What do we need to manufacture your part?


Mold manufacturing

A from the drawing or sample provided by the customer and the specifications of each part, we design the mold.


Homologation of the sample

With the mold manufactured, we make the necessary parts so that the customer can give us the approval of the part, making, if necessary, the adjustments or modifications required for the homologation.


Mass production

Once the part is approved, we get to work on the production of the requested parts, taking into account the agreed deadlines and quantities.


Quality certificate

All our pieces will be accompanied by their certificate and traceability.

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